Three ways to help Save Our Star

1. Donate to the fund and become a Friend of Save Our Star

Please contribute from as little as £20, but we need to raise as much we can.

All donations in excess of £50 will be offset against your future Share Offer.

Please become a "Friend" of Save Our Star by donating to The Community Feasibility Fund, which will enable us to complete our Due Diligence process. 

To donate complete the form below and either write a cheque payable to Save Our Star or make a bank transfer (details on form). Completed forms and cheques to the village shop or to Claire Bailey at Fort View, The Plain, Whiteshill GL6 6AA

Become a Friend of Save Our Star!

SOS membership (pdf)


2. Complete your ‘Pledge Indicator’

From the Residents Questionnaire we have already received a good number of nominal ‘pledges’ towards a Community Purchase of The Star Inn as you’ll see from the Pledge Thermometer. But, we are a long way short of the minimum target we need to make a potential purchase viable.

We appreciate that everyone will need significantly more information before making a commitment to invest. However, it would be very useful if you could give us some form of indication as to how likely you would consider an investment and at what level. All responses will be kept in complete confidence.

Please go to the ‘More’ section and you’ll find a ‘Pledge Indicator’ Form under ‘Documents’.

Please download this form and send to Claire Bailey,
Fort View Cottage, The Plain, Whiteshill, GL6 6AA

or electronically to :

or hand it in at The Village Shop.

Many thanks

3. Register your Interest

If you want to receive regular updates of progress the easiest way for us to do this is via email. If you haven’t already provided us with your email address simply email us and ask to be kept informed.

We will be producing regular Newsletters which will be emailed to all those who have registered or who are Friends of Save Our Star. Copies will also be made available at The Village Shop.